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Life is Good

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the very first blog from your Jersey Shore Specialist. People don’t just buy a house. They buy a whole community. That’s why I thought it would be helpful to everyone if you had a source you could go to where you could learn about the community you may be buying in. My blogs will spotlight local stores, restaurants and entertainment all along the Jersey Shore. I hope you not only enjoy the chatter, but that you also go out and support your local businesses.

Today I visited the “It’s Good” store in Spring Lake, and what a great experience it was. It’s a one stop for all your happy feeling needs ~ infants, kids, teens, women and men…and even dogs.

It all started with two brothers on a mission to spread optimism worldwide. What’s ironic is that the Spring Lake store is owned and operated by two sisters who are two of the happiest, fun-loving, good-natured, optimistic people I know ~ and that’s saying something because I know a lot of optimistic people.

Who can’t use some good vibes in this current economy? If you’re feeling like you need a little “pick-me-up” go on down to 3rd Avenue in Spring Lake and meet Cara and Celeste. Not only will they spread some cheer, but they’ll sell you a fun tee-shirt with a cool slogan like, “Not all who wander are lost” or “Do what you like. Like what you do.” Or how about some organic pants or organic zippities? Let’s go green the fun way.

Need a gift for a friend? They also sell scented palm candles, mugs, water bottles, coffee cups, bowls, vases and flower pots. Or how about a good book? There’s even a “Life is Good” book filled with their best wisdom and wit. And who can resist Good Times goodies for fun at the beach that include such items as coolers, frisbees, beach towels, beach balls, soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs and paddle balls?

The list just goes on and on. So go on in and check it all out. Have some fun ~ you deserve it.

And most of all, always remember…Life is Good!!!