Spectacular new listing in Apple Ridge, Wall Township!

You can change the carpet, you can change the paint colors, but you just can’t change the views.

When looking at oceanfront property, there are many things NOT to look at. These include, but are not limited to, the paint, wallpaper, furnishings, where the TV is placed, etc. All of these things can be changed after you purchase the property. The ONLY thing you can’t change is the view. Think about it. Oceanfront property is a huge investment. Whether it is a summer home or a full-time residence, the view cannot be changed. No amount of money can make a view appear where there was never one there before. The old saying “location, location, location” is never more meaningful than when shopping at the shore for property on the waterfront.

The thinking behind this seems so basic, and yet so hard to follow when you are trying to make a huge – and emotional – decision, like choosing a property to buy. Let’s face it, views are expensive. And the value that is put on the price of the views is somewhat subjective and not easily quantifiable. In other words, the views are worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

I recently showed a condo with direct views of the Atlantic from every room. The prospective buyer was looking so hard at the decorative elements of the unit that she was missing the best part…the SPECTACULAR views. Could she buy another available unit with a newer kitchen, updated carpeting, fresh paint, and crown molding – but no views – for less money? The answer is unequivocally “YES”. So, then why would I recommend that she purchase the more expensive unit that needed some work?

The answer is simple…if you are going to invest in an oceanfront community, remember, you can change the carpets, you can change the paint colors, but you just can’t change the views.

I recently showed a condo with spectacular views right on the ocean. When showing the property the perspective buyer was looking so hard at the interior of the unit that she was missing the best part, the SPECTACULAR views. She was 110% right, the kitchen was dated, it needed a little paint, the carpet needed to be replaced but the condo overlooked the Atlantic ocean from just about every room. The location was perfect. It was walking distance to the beach. Also, you could walk to some of the best Resteraunts and shopping that the shore had to offer These are things you can’t change after buying the unit.

My main point of this (not to beat a dead horse) is when purchasing a home at the shore, you have to get a feel for not only the home itself, but you have to picture yourself living in that EXACT spot. Near the beach, walking the promenade, and taking advantage of what the NJ Shore as to offer.

We are so very proud to announce that the 7th, 8th and 9th grade Wall Township Recreation 2012 basketball championship team is our very own JerseyShoreSpecialist.com! This team struggled in the beginning of the year starting out with a disappointing 1-3. Then, the kids found there rhythm and won their final 11 games, including all three of their playoff games. They trailed in all of their playoff games by double digits only to come back and win it all!! Congratulations to all that were involved in this memorable basketball season.