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DON’T try to sell it on your own.

You will hear multiple stories about friends of friends that put their house on the market, sold it quickly, and saved the commission they would have had to give to a realtor. Does this occasionally happen? Yes. But, I submit that a very small percentage of homes sold without a realtor can truly tout a success story.

There’s so much more to selling your home than to simply put a sign on the front lawn. Before you let anyone know that you are selling, you have to prepare the home. A trained professional knows how to do this for you. Your house needs to be properly priced to yield the highest amount. You will get more for a property that is priced right than you will if you overprice it. And, it will sell faster too.

You will get pricing opinions from friends and family. Relying on these “opinions” is a grave mistake. You need a good realtor, who can offer you a proper comparative market analysis (CMA). This is the only way to determine the right price. Unless all of these knowledgeable friends and family are going to buy your home, their “opinions”, quite frankly, don’t matter.

You are also emotionally attached to your home. You are always going to believe that your home is worth more than it is because you have put your heart into lovingly maintaining it. How dare someone walk into your amazing home and insult you with some ridiculous offer. They want to change the paint color that you stressed over for weeks? What’s wrong with the tile? After all, you laid it yourself.

Your home needs to be properly staged…staged to sell. This is different than just keeping your home clean. You need to be able to make the jump from showing your home in a manner that suits the way you live, to showing the home to sell. It’s difficult to make this jump when you are emotionally attached. Many times, a good agent will pay for the initial consultation from a professional stager.

Great photographs are very important. Your home’s photographs need to be taken by a professional…a photographer who knows how to capture the best your home has to offer. Many times, a good agent will pay for your photographs as well.

Then there’s the marketing of your home. The internet is key to getting you the exposure you need to get the best price you can get. The right realtor will make sure that your property goes on all of the major realtor sites in an enhanced version.

So here’s the scenario:

  • In the first few weeks that you list your home as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), the majority of calls that you will receive will be from realtors looking to get your listing.
  • Then the calls will come from potential buyers who want to see your home. You will need to make yourself available to show them your home at their convenience. You will know nothing about the people who will be coming into your home. Are they pre-qualified? One thing I can tell you about them…they are looking for a deal!
  • The very first thing that a potential buyer will do is deduct the amount you would have paid a realtor from the price they have in their head. They believe that, since you don’t have to pay a realtor fee, then that money should be passed along to them. So, in a sense, you have to pay a realtor commission (in the form of a price reduction to the buyer), but you don’t get any of the benefits of having a realtor who would work in your best interest.
  • Let’s say someone decides to make an offer. Are you skilled enough to negotiate the sale of your home? Do you know what your home is really worth? Are you giving it away? Do the buyers have a home to sell? How comfortable are you that the buyers will get a mortgage?

So, I reiterate…there is so much more that goes into selling a home than simply putting a sign on your front lawn. My recommendation is to find a great realtor, and let them work their magic to get you the right price in the shortest amount of time. It will be worth it.

I picked up my 9 year old daughter from camp the other day and we decided to go out to lunch. I told her that she could pick the place. She immediately lights up and says “let’s go to Mossutos!” So I ask her if she is sure and her response was” their meatball parm sandwiches are amazing!” Really? Amazing? I drove by a couple of times and noticed the signs in front stating it was a restaurant and bar. The place that I remember was an Italian deli with great handmade mozzarella, fresh bread, big sandwiches and other Italian specialties. I use to go to this place on Sunday mornings before the football games to get all of my necessary provisions. So that was the spot for lunch today.

We get there and we go in and the first thing I notice is that they added a full restaurant complete with a full bar area. The place was not really that full when we got there because it was midafternoon but the table set up looked good. Not one on top of the other. We decided because it was a great afternoon to eat outside. We get the menus and I notice that there is a separate lunch and dinner menu. The lunch menu was full of salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, pizza and a few meat specials. I didn’t really take a good look at the dinner menu. There was also a nice wine list by the glass or bottle. The other thing that I noticed when I entered the bar area was that right behind the bar was a brick oven to make the pizzas.

It was now time to order lunch. My daughter ordered a cup of chicken noodle soup that was delicious and the “AMAZING” chicken parm sandwich. I decided to go with the personal brick oven pizza with sausage. If you like crispy, thin brick oven pizza, this is for you. I love my pizza that way so I was in total pizza heaven! Now, I have to comment on her chicken parm sandwich, the small was huge, nice fresh Italian bread overflowing with meatballs. I have to admit, after tasting it, this was a pretty amazing sandwich. Maybe I will let daughter right my next review.

I was hoping to have a good experience there but I was a little worried that maybe they grew too big and the quality might suffer because like I mentioned this place was a quality Italian deli. I have to admit that we really didn’t challenge the chef with what we ordered but as a place to get a nice lunch with great food and service this is a good place to go. I am definitely going to take my wife to this place and try out their dinner items. I have little doubt that everything will be “amazing”.

Overall damage for the soup, the sandwich and the personal pizza with a couple of soft drinks the total was about $40 bucks including tip. I think it is a good value based solely on the quality of the food and the large portions.