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Another fun post-Sandy story…

I was talking to my sister-in-law earlier and we were discussing some of the positive post-Sandy encounters we have had. I proceeded to tell her of an incident I encountered just yesterday. Joey came with me to check out a spectacular home in Brick on the Metedeconk that one of my clients was very interested in pre-Sandy. Much to our surprise, it was still standing and in pretty good shape. We were surprised because, unfortunately, what we had to drive through to get to it was not in such good shape.

As we left the house, we decided to see how close to the ocean we could get in Manasquan. We drove east on Main Street and got about a block from the ocean when we were stopped by the National Guard. There were 3 National Guardsman and 1 policeman. I can’t begin to tell you how nice they were. We chatted for a little bit, and then they took this photo with Joey. As we were leaving, I asked them how long they would be there, and they said all night and day. I remembered that the National Guard, stationed at the bottom of the Rumson/Sea Bright Bridge had requested something hot, like soup. It was cold, so I asked them if I could bring them something hot. They thanked me for the offer, but said they were fine, so we drove off.

As we drove away, Joey said that we should bring them some hot chocolate, “because who doesn’t like hot chocolate, Mom”? So, we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts, picked up 4 hot chocolates, and brought them back to the guys. They were so appreciative…you would have thought what we brought them! And, it felt so good to do something nice for these guardsmen who were protecting us and our shores.

So, my sister-in-law says that she had a similar experience, and how nice it felt. Her story was a little different in that she cooked a bunch of steaks, sliced them nice and put them on a bed of lettuce, before bringing them to the National Guard stationed at the base of the Rumson/Sea Bright Bridge. I burst out laughing. I’m not so sure the National Guard stationed in Manasquan would have been as thrilled with the hot chocolates if they knew that the guys stationed at the base of the Rumson/Sea Bright Bridge were getting steak! In my defense, the hot chocolates did come with whipped cream:))

Do something nice for someone today…it will make you feel so great!