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Jersey Grille, Manasquan

Jersey Grille

This review was actually written during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. As anyone who experienced the storm at the shore would know, there were long periods of time without power. People were scrambling to find working outlets to charge their phones, iPads, and laptops and in some areas people were stranded in their homes due to down power lines. When things started to loosen up a little, I really needed to eat a good meal – so I decided to go to Jersey Grille in Orchards at Wall Plaza.

I had been there before but I didn’t really challenge the chef – I just ordered a burger and fries (which turned out to be some of the best fries I’ve ever had). This time, I went in for lunch and checked out the dinner specials, deciding on the chicken parm over linguine. What they gave me was a meal that could have easily fed 2 people – if I wasn’t so hungry. It was a nice thick chicken cutlet covered in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with pasta and garlic bread. The entire meal was delicious! Just what I needed.

After I finished, the owner came over to our table to find out how we were doing after the storm. I told him we were still without power and heat, and he invited me to come in anytime to warm up, charge my phone, watch a game on the tv, or bring the kids to get them out if the house for awhile – without obligation to order anything. He was just looking for a way to help during the post-Sandy craziness, and was very sincere in his offer.

This restaurant is clean with excellent service, delicious entrées, and a great overall dining experience. They are a kid-friendly BYOB establishment, and they offer organic and gluten-free options. Their menu includes everything – awesome burgers, salmon burgers, chicken, meat, and fish specials – and their hospitality is unparalleled!

The Jersey Grille