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Work Out World, Wall

Work Out World, Wall

Today I am going to tell you about a place I used to HATE. But the more I went ,the better it got – I started going once a week, reluctantly. Then it was twice a week with a little less resistance. After a while, it got to a point where I had to go! Of course, I am talking about the gym – and not just any old gym, but a Work Out World on Route 35 in the K-Mart plaza in Wall. I have been a member of many gyms, but I usually wound up paying the dues and not ever going. Like I said, I always HATED the gym – the idea of going to the gym was far better than actually going.

When I first started going to WOW, it was a little intimidating. Right when you walk in there is a row of exercise bikes and elliptical machines on the left and a full array of weight lifting machines to your right. While walking around this huge facility, it seems like every weight lifting contraption ever invented is present – they have everything from weight training machines and TRX to areas for stretching and free weights. One of the comforting things I found was that most of the people using these machines were just like me: Not big-muscled guys and girls; mostly people just exercising with a purpose. Don’t get me wrong, there definitely is a group of muscular guys in there but they just do their own thing without being intimidating. This place really has something for everyone of any age or shape, whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscles, train for a particular sport, or just to make yourself feel great.

For the past year I have been working with a personal trainer, Drew, and I have really started to see the benefits of having someone show you how to work out and push you to your limits. They also offer every exercise class imaginable including spin, groove, power, cardio ball – you get the idea: something for everyone. Even if you just want to go and work out on your own, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you in any way they can. The daytime manager Rod is also a trainer, so you can ask him anything about any machine and he will show you how to use it.

WOW has spacious locker rooms with individual shower stalls. You don’t get your own personal locker permanently, but there are more than enough for everyone to lock stuff up while exercising – I have never had a problem getting a locker or finding an empty shower stall. Work Out World is also extremely well-maintained – the gym itself and the locker rooms are always spotless.

Now I know what you are thinking – “this sounds great, but how much is it going to cost?” How about 5 bucks a week? Yes, that’s it – everything you could ever ask for in a gym for $20.00 a month! So if you are looking to get in shape at a great place for a great price, Work Out World is definitely for you.