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…and Sand Between Your Toes!

“May your days be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks, and sand between your toes.” The author is unknown, but the feelings emoted by these wonderful words are known to all who have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed all that’s stunning about stepping onto the white beaches of the Jersey Shore – walking along the shoreline to pick up shells, building sand castles, digging for sand crabs, sitting in a beach chair and reading a great novel, and everything else that makes the beaches of the Jersey Shore so addicting.

But, as awesome as the feelings and emoted images are, it also begs the question, “How do we keep the sand on the beach?” With so many towns working hard to ensure the beaches are ready for the start of the 2013 season, here are a number of helpful hints to minimizing the amount of sand that travels from the beach into your car and beach house.

  1. Keep as much of it on the beach as possible.
    • Wear sandals instead of sneakers, which tend to trap sand.
    • Buy a nice mesh bag to carry beach items – sand has a way of falling out of the bag and back onto the beach prior to being brought home.
    • Use a chair. A chair can be easily washed off at the beach and eliminate sand that might otherwise make it into the car.
  2. Line the trunk of your car with a towel. Put the beach items on the towel and when you arrive back home, simply shake the towel out well before bringing it into the house.
  3. Invest in a small car vacuum to quickly remove any sand from the car.
  4. Put a hose near your front door so sandy feet and beach paraphernalia can be hosed off before making it into the house.
  5. Put a doormat near the doorway so everyone can wipe their feet before entering the house. You can have everyone take off their shoes and shake the sand out before or immediately upon entering the home.
  6. Even after all this, some sand is still bound to get in the house – but a microfiber sweeper should do the trick.

And, if buying a house by the beach, a couple of nice options to think about are a home with an outdoor shower and a laundry room close to an entrance. As an example, these three great beachfront listings all have laundry rooms conveniently located right off the kitchen when you walk into each condo. Throw your beach towels and bathing suits directly into the washer, and sand won’t get tracked through to the rest of the house.

Diamond Beach Unit 512 Presidential Unit 3D Presidential Unit 6B
Diamond Beach Unit 512
Presidential Unit 3D
Presidential Unit 6B

So go ahead and enjoy everything that’s perfect about the beaches of the Jersey Shore…and, then just shake it off!