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Village Tobacco, Bradley Beach

If you are like me, you appreciate a good cigar – whether you like to smoke cigars on the golf course, after a great meal, or if you want to make a celebration a little more special, a cigar is a great way to make any event a little more enjoyable. One of the best cigar shops at the Jersey Shore is Village Tobacco, located at 114 Main Street in Bradley Beach.

Village Tobacco has a huge walk-in humidor where they stock all of the best cigars. Their inventory includes cigars from Alec Bradley, Carlos Torano, Fuente, and just about every other quality cigar manufacturer you can think of. Just as important as the inventory is the knowledgeable owner – he will go into the humidor with you, talk about what you are currently smoking, and then make recommendations on what you might like. Every time I go in, I try a new cigar based on his recommendation – and he always picks a real winner. An important thing to look at when deciding where to spend your money on cigars is how they are stored: the room must be kept at optimum temperature and humidity, otherwise they will not smoke properly. I have never had a bad cigar from Village; the conditions in his humidor are ideal.

One of the things I love most about the cigar smoking hobby is the accessories – or “toys,” as I like to call them. I am constantly looking for a new cutter, lighter, punch, or the latest case. Village has a complete selection of accessories , including both full-size and travel humidors. The most important accessory a cigar smoker needs is a quality humidor – cigar smoking can become a very expensive habit, and you need to protect your investments. The guys at Village will help you find the right one for all your needs.

For the pipe smoker, Village has a complete line of pipes and tobaccos ranging from mild starter options to stronger blends for the more mature palate. They also stock hookahs and accessories. Whether you are an experienced cigar smoker, someone just starting, or you are looking for something for the cigar smoker in your life, Village is your one-stop shop.