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A Safe and Happy Halloween at the Jersey Shore

Last year, Sandy did her best to cancel Halloween. Outdoor decorations had to come inside, closed schools meant no school parades, and we were taking care of our neighbors in lieu of hosting Halloween parties. Sandy’s ploy didn’t work, though. She couldn’t crush the spirit of the Jersey Shore…her temper tantrum merely postponed it.

Downed trees and power lines made it unsafe for children to roam the streets, so many schools sponsored “Trunk or Treats”. Parents scrambled to decorate their trunks, lined them up in the parking lots of schools, and the kids got to suit up in costumes and parade from trunk to trunk for their Halloween candy. It was a fun and safe way for the kids to enjoy a happy holiday in the midst of so much destruction.

Even though the Shore is back stronger than ever, “Trunk or Treat” is a tradition that many are continuing due to its festive yet controlled and safe venue. But, traditional door-to-door trick or treating is back as well. And, as much as Halloween is synonymous with creative costumes and candy, there are always precautions that parents will want to take to keep their children safe.

Here are a few trick or treating tips:

  • Never allow a child to trick or treat alone.
  • Make sure that you or a trusted adult is accompanying the children.
  • Only approach homes that are well lit, inside and out.
  • Make sure the kids have a flashlight or glow stick so they can be seen in the dark.
  • Be sure your kids are not taking shortcuts or walking through poorly lit areas.
  • Try to stick to areas and neighborhoods that you know.
  • When trick or treating is done, go through your children’s candy and make sure it all appears to be wrapped properly before allowing them to eat any.
  • To avoid belly aches, monitor the amount of candy that you let your children eat.

Most of all, get out in the fresh Jersey Shore air and enjoy a ghoulish and happy Halloween!