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No Joe’s – A Hot Little Coffee House in a Cool Little Town!

There’s a category that I like to call “Specialty Coffee Houses Not to be Overlooked”, and it would be far from complete without a mention of “No Joe’s Coffee House”, located in the heart of Red Bank.

We all have our vices, and coffee is 100% mine. Not only do I love the taste of a quality cup of coffee, but I am enamored with the whole coffee-drinking experience. Sitting on the balcony of an oceanfront home or walking barefoot along the beach on a crisp Fall day…whatever the venue at the Jersey Shore, a hot cup of coffee in your hands makes it that much more enjoyable.

While there are a number of coffee shops that can satisfy my daily urge, like anything else in life, some are more favorable than others. One such place is No Joe’s Coffee House. First of all, it is located in Red Bank – Truly a cool little town! Something of a mini NYC, Red Bank is positioned right here on our Jersey Shore.

The quality of their beans is undeniable, and is likely the secret behind their claim that this is “no ordinary Joe”. They have a number of specialty coffees and teas, the Van Halen being my personal favorite. I stopped in the other day and noticed someone new making the coffees. My coffee had a bit of a different taste that made it better than usual…if that’s even possible. He let me in on his secret. He flavors the steamed milk instead of flavoring the espresso, so that the flavor is the first thing that hits your taste buds. Sounded very logical to me, and his theory was backed up by the incredible cup of coffee he served me.

The atmosphere is extremely inviting with friendly service and seating inside and out. And, if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, they offer breakfast and lunch menus as well.

If you are in the Red Bank area, you are definitely going to want to engage in the No Joe’s coffee experience.