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Small Business Saturday at the Jersey Shore

The big chain stores have Black Friday and internet retailers have Cyber Monday, but what about the small, local businesses? Why, they’ve been designated Small Business Saturday! Driven by American Express’ small business division, Open, Small Business Saturday is a day of support and appreciation for local businesses. This year, it falls smack in the middle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This Saturday is the annual Small Business Saturday. It’s an opportunity for communities to go out and support all the small businesses in their neighborhood. These are the businesses that sponsor our kids’ sports teams, donate to local causes and charities, and go out of their way to give that extra special, personal touch. They include the deli where you get your morning bagel, the dry cleaners who press your shirts, the local cigar shop, the surf shop on the ocean, and every other privately owned business in your community. You know who I’m talking about. The guy who greets you by name and puts your order together before you even get up to the counter. These are the businesses that make our lives a little easier and our communities a little closer.

Most know that the success of small businesses is vital to all communities, but some may question the impact it has on them as an individual. It is a fact that in cities with thriving small businesses, the property values are 40% higher. So, by supporting your local businesses you are actually raising the value of your home.

This Saturday, all participating small businesses will be offering special discounts on many of their products to show appreciation to all of the people who support them throughout the year. Many of these businesses will have a sign on their door showing that they are a participating merchant on Small Business Saturday.

Whether you’re a daily regular or a first time patron, Saturday is the day to show how much you appreciate your local small businesses and all they do for your community. This weekend, be sure you go out and help the small businesses in your community. Your Jersey Shore small businesses are awaiting your arrival!