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To Decorate or Not To Decorate Your Listed Home?

The holiday season has arrived, and you have a home currently listed for sale. So, what’s the best approach? Do you decorate your home or not?

You will hear many realtors tell you, “When the buyers start talking about where to put the Christmas tree, they’re emotionally attached.” So, why not help the process along by actually having a tree in the ideal place in the home? Why make them envision when you can prepare the visual for them?

It’s very important to remember that buyers who are looking during the holidays are generally ready to buy. The key to decorating your listed home is to keep it tasteful and neutral…and don’t overdo it. Decorating your home can add to the emotional part of the buy, because holiday decorations typically give people a happy feeling. If you do it right, potential buyers will find your home warm and inviting. Just keep the decorations to a minimum and be sure not to cover up important selling features of your home.

Below are some guidelines that you may find helpful:

  • Don’t “re-clutter” the house that your agent told you to remove the clutter from when you listed it in the first place.
  • Keep exterior decorating to a minimum. Remember how important curb appeal is.
  • Put up a smaller tree than you usually do so that you don’t minimize the size of the room with an overpowering tree.
  • Keep walkways clear. You don’t want potential buyers to have to step around holiday decorations to get from one room to another.
  • Put presents that you might normally display under the tree in a closet or attic until you are ready exchange them.
  • Be very careful about any scents that you may use. What may smell good to you might be a turn-off to a potential buyer. It’s probably best to limit the aromas to fresh-baked cookies.
  • Lighting can present a warm and inviting atmosphere. You might want to invest in some battery operated candles for showings.

If you do it right, the warm ambiance you create may just yield you the best holiday present of all…the sale of your home!