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Food for All Seasons at the Jersey Shore

This past Sunday, we were on our way home from the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank when we decided to grab some dinner. We settled on one of my favorite places to eat: the All Seasons Diner located on Wyckoff Road in Eatontown. One of the best parts of going to a diner is that your food options are endless. The entire menu is available twenty-four hours a day. You can get pancakes for dinner or chicken and pasta for breakfast. The sky’s the limit.

We got a table facing one of their TVs, so not only was I able to eat a great meal, but I got to watch football too. Perfect spot! The waitress brought us our menus and read off the specials. I watched the different dishes come out of the kitchen as I was deciding what to order. Everything from eggs with hash browns, to chicken parm with a side of spaghetti. They all looked awesome. I started with the breakfast part of the menu where they have all the usual platters, but decided I wasn’t feeling breakfast. I then started looking at the specials, and there were too many to name. They have Italian, Greek, salads, wraps, burgers, seafood, and steak on the menu.

I was in the mood for a burger. Not just any burger, but the double burger supreme. Two huge 1/4 pound burgers on a bun topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion rings with a side of fries. It was exactly what I needed. The burgers were cooked perfectly. There is nothing like a burger from a diner in NJ. It’s like a hotdog at Yankee Stadium…it’s just natural.

Of course, every great diner in NJ also includes a complete selection of cakes, pies, pastries, and puddings. Naturally, the All Seasons has a tremendous selection to choose from. Unfortunately for me, the double burger more than filled me up, so I passed on desert.
Next time you are looking for a great meal but are not sure what you want, try the All Seasons Diner. They have a huge selection of delicious meals to choose from and a great atmosphere that can’t be beat.