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New Jersey’s Top 10 Beaches Contest Is Back!

The beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore are back, and so is New Jersey’s Top 10 Beaches contest! After a one-year hiatus, the survey – which was created in 2008 – is once again available to take your votes.

What’s your favorite beach? It’s a differentnew-jersey-top-ten-beaches-logo question than asking, “What’s your favorite beach town?”. There are many who love the town they live in, or love the town they vacation in, but the beach they love to go to may reside somewhere else. Whatever your personal preference, now’s your chance to make your opinion count.

They’ve changed the ballot this year to accommodate different types of beach goers: Day Trips, Ecotourism, and Family Vacations. Below are some criteria that they would like you to consider before casting your vote:

  • The cost of access to your favorite beach
  • Parking availability
  • Other accommodations, like showers, concession stands, handicap access, and more
  • Nature-based activities

As a complement to their survey, they have also tied in a Rain Barrel Art Project, bundling local art, tourism, and environmental education  into a beachy project.

You can cast your ballot through midnight on April 30th. So, consider your decision carefully. Make sure your pick is worthy of a Top 10 spot!