Spectacular new listing in Apple Ridge, Wall Township!

IMG_3526The beaches were white, but not white sands. Rather, it was white snow that blanketed the normally sandy beaches. And, it was beautiful! In fact, it presented the perfect opportunity to take some winter beach photos. The flakes wafting upon the jetty were right out of a landscape painting. But, I have to admit…it was cold!

The snow-covered beach, the cold wind blowing the falling flakes, and the slushy boardwalk were all expected. But there was another sight that truly took me by surprise. I was hurriedly snapping pictures so that I could get back in the warmth of my heated car seat, when I was taken aback by a man in a wetsuit who was headed toward the ocean…with a surfboard. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was he out of his mind? Of course, I started capturing the sight on film – or memory card – and quickly noticed that he wasn’t the only crazy person surfing in this weather. There were at least a dozen of them in that ocean, maybe more.

It appears that while Juno didn’t turn out to be the storm it was hyped up to be, the storm that wasn’t seemed to present an opportunity for the surfers. Why were so many braving this weather to surf? I had to do some digging.

What I discovered is that surfers live for stormy winter days. The swells caused by the storm are something of a reward for the not-so-exciting waves of summer. As one surfer put it, “When there are good waves, you surf.”

I asked whether the wetsuits keep them warm. One surfer told me that the wetsuit holds your body temperature. “But, what about your face?”, I asked my friend Matt McGovern. Doesn’t it freeze in the cold water? He told me that the water temperature of the ocean can actually be warmer than outside of the water. “When you’re standing outside in the cold, your face isn’t typically covered”, he said. Matt told me that surfers will track the temperature of the ocean, along with the size of the swells.

It still seems a tad crazy to me, but I don’t have the surf bug. I guess I wouldn’t think twice about showing a house in that weather, and If I think about it, I was the one braving the storm for a few good photos. Like anything else in life, If you love doing something, you’re not going to let a little thing like nature’s coldest elements get in your way.