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Novel Happenings at the Jersey Shore!

IMG_4966Welcome to Novel Happenings! A series of blogs born of a bucket list item. Motivated by the fact that I have just surpassed the half century mark, I have decided it’s time to start checking off some of the items on my “list”. One such item is my desire to write a novel before such time as the Big Man (and, I don’t mean Clarence Clemons) comes to call.

I have the whole book in my head…and even a sequel…but, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) has been my weakness. So, how do I force myself to take the time to write? Like so many others, time is at a premium. With a husband starting a new business, two kids, a home to take care of, and a successful real estate business that spans a large portion of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, how do I fit in a novel? I’m not going to lie. I’ve had to embrace the notion that sleep is overrated. But, aside from that, I’ve decided there has to be a way to combine some of my many tasks so that I can accomplish multiple things with fewer functions.

As the Jersey Shore Specialist, I spend a great deal of time exploring the Jersey Shore and visiting different spots so that I can help my clients understand which towns would best suit their wants and which activities, restaurants, beaches, marinas, parks, shopping, farms, etc. are in close proximity to their prospective homes. So, why not write my book while I am “testing out” these different venues? For instance, if I go to a coffee shop to rev myself up for the day, I can write my book while I’m enjoying my java…maximize my time by performing multiple tasks all at once.

The issue? How to have fun while I’m writing? Because, let’s face it, I’m all about fun. Being exuberantly inspired by all things Jersey Shore, I thought why not share with anyone interested all the great things that happen around me while I’m writing my grand novel. I could tell you about all of the awesome things that are happening at the Jersey Shore and use that same time to write my novel.

So, check back often for new – and hopefully entertaining – Novel Happenings blogs.