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Sea Girt


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A map of Sea Girt

The Borough of Sea Girt, located in Monmouth Count, New Jersey, consists of a one-square mile locality between Stockton Lake and Wreck Pond with a unique history and the charm of a quiet seaside community.

Sea Girt is a beautiful community blessed with small town charm, rural beauty, and a rich community life with an abundance of recreational activities enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The Borough of Sea Girt’s beaches and boardwalk are open on a year-round basis. The boardwalk offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean that starts at the historic Lighthouse and runs to the Southern end of the charmingly inviting town.

The Sea Girt Lighthouse

The Sea Girt Lighthouse, at Ocean Avenue and Beacon Boulevard in Sea Girt, New Jersey, flashed its first light December 10, 1896. The beacon, which could be seen 15 miles at sea, guided countless mariners in their journeys and contributed to the state’s economic growth and helped make sailing through local waters safer.

The lighthouse was built to illuminate a blind spot midway in the 38½-mile stretch between Navesink Lighthouse (Twin Lights) to the north and Barnegat Lighthouse to the south. It also served as a landmark for nearby Sea Girt Inlet and Wreck Pond.

By the early 1900s, there were some 40 light stations – lighthouses, lightships and range lights – along New Jersey’s 130-mile coastline. Just over half of them survive. But only 11 of the original lighthouses, including Sea Girt, are open to the public.

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