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Novel Happenings

color salonSo, let me tell you how I came to write my blog today from the color table of my hair salon. The story starts many, many years ago. My father was an only child, but came from a very large extended family, as his mother was one of nine children and his father was one of eleven. I’m fairly certain that both sets of great grandparents used the rhythm method as their preferred mode of birth control…but, I digress. They were extremely impressive men and women who hailed from Italy. Somehow, these large families without much money produced exceedingly educated and successful human beings who contributed a great deal to this wonderful Country of ours. Today, I will talk about one of them in particular. Aunt Elsie, my g ... Read More >

IMG_4966Welcome to Novel Happenings! A series of blogs born of a bucket list item. Motivated by the fact that I have just surpassed the half century mark, I have decided it’s time to start checking off some of the items on my “list”. One such item is my desire to write a novel before such time as the Big Man (and, I don’t mean Clarence Clemons) comes to call. I have the whole book in my head…and even a sequel…but, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) has been my weakness. So, how do I force myself to take the time to write? Like so many others, time is at a premium. With a husband starting a new business, two kids, a home to take care of, and a successful real estate business that spans ... Read More >