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Home to more than 2 miles of the most beautiful beach on the Jersey Shore, the “Jewel of the Jersey Shore” boasts the longest non-interrupted, non-commercial boardwalk in the state. Nestled between Lake Como to the North and Sea Girt to the South, you will find Spring Lake, Lake Como, and Wreck Pond along with, of course, the Atlantic Ocean. Named after the natural springs that feed into the town’s largest lake – fresh water that drains into the Atlantic Ocean – Spring Lake is primarily residential in nature and a premier summer resort community. Spring Lake also has a top-rated school system, including 1 public (H.W. Mountz) and 1 Private (St. Catherine’s) elementary school. Spring Lake public school students go to Manasquan High School.

There is no shortage of things to do in this wonderful Victorian town. A quaint downtown area is home to wonderful shops and eateries. In addition to basking on Spring Lake’s sparkling white sands, you will also enjoy biking, fishing, boating, concerts in the park, walking/jogging the long boardwalk, seven tennis courts, the wonderful productions presented by the Spring LakeTheater, and so much more! Spring Lake has been home to the Spring Lake Five since 1977, which has since grown into New Jersey’s largest road race. History buffs can find a slew of magical history in Spring Lake, and may want to visit Spring Lake’s Centennial Clock on Third Avenue. The clock was constructed in 1992 to commemorate the borough’s 100th birthday. Beneath the plaque, there is a time capsule which contains memorabilia of 1992 Spring Lake, a video of the town, and pictures drawn by the town’s school children. The capsule will be opened in the year 2042.

For each of the past two years, the boardwalk has taken quite a beating – Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012 both took their toll. One of the two landmark pavilions, the North End Pavillion, was demolished and carted off in December of 2012. While plans to demolish the 80-year-old terracotta-tiled building were in the works long before the wrath of Sandy, the Superstorm did delay the demolition and subsequent rebuild in the same spot. The new design, anticipated to be complete by October 2013, will incorporate two saltwater pools and five of the original terracotta tiles and will extend 16 feet closer to Ocean Avenue, eliminating the parking spaces on the west side.

When the historic Third Avenue was laid out and graded, it was a dirt street on which horses trotted and carriages rolled. Eventually the automobile replaced the horse and in 1920,the avenue was paved. Livery stables became garages. Automobile dealerships and auto repair shops appeared. Gas pumps sprang up along the avenue. For nearly the first half of the 20th century, Third Avenue was a clearly defined line dividing two Spring Lakes. There was the Spring Lake east of Third Avenue and the Spring Lake west of Third Avenue. During the summer, the town east of Third Avenue glittered and bustled with the activities of the summer visitors – during the winter months, it was dark and empty as all the homes and hotels were boarded up for the season. The year-round residents who operated the business which supported the resort community lived west of Third Avenue. Third Avenue itself also changed with the seasons – winter saw many of the stores close because there was not a population large enough to support them. As Dr. Robert Patterson put it, “It was three months scurry and nine months worry.” After the Second World War, more people made Spring Lake their permanent home. Today, most Spring Lakers are year-round residents and Third Avenue’s businesses stay open all year.

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